Resources For Officiants

Fast And Free Ways To Become Ordained


Exceeding Expectations

Do you want to Officiate a ceremony? Choose this guide to learn fast and free ways to become ordained. Current research has been done for you to include: the name of some sites to become ordained, navigations thru the websites, list of states where you can and can not perform ceremonies and how to register with a Marriage Bureau.

Fee: $20

Best Website For Officiants

Website Design

Incl. paid partnerships where I did not gain leads

This guide is great for Officiants or anyone who provides wedding services. It provides you with the best website options especially for Officiants and quick steps to setting up the websites. I have also included a list of vendors I have used during my career as an Officiant that did not gain me leads. Use this guide to guide you along your professional journey, taking some of the guess work out and save you money and time.

Fee: $20