FAQ Page

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

  • Q  What states or areas can TW Wedding Officiant provide services?

        A  Maryland, District of Columbia (Washington, DC) with limited services offered in Virginia

  •  Do your company have a physical location to provide services?

        A  No, I do not have a physical venue location at this time. The Officiant meets up with you for a meet  and greet if necessary and I travel to your venue to provide services.

  • Q  Do your company provide marriage licenses? 

        A  No, my company do not provide marriage licenses. You must obtain your marriage license with the Marriage Bureau in the county you wish to get married in.

  • Q What is included in your fees?

        A Credentials, Time, Resources, Planning, Travel, Administrative Supplies, Assisting Guests, Location and Experience is included in my fees.